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November 2002

 Cheshvan/Kislev 5763

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NFTY E-Source and its companion website, www.nfty.org, is a collaborative effort between the NFTY North American Board and the NFTY staff to provide programming for your NFTY Temple Youth Group with resources related to the NFTY Program themes and leadership development on a monthly basis.
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The NFTY Team



Every year, NFTY selects two topics that become the program themes for its Temple Youth Groups (TYGs) and Regions. The NFTY Study Theme is a topic on Jewish religion and culture that is to be studied in depth over the course of the year. The NFTY Social Action Theme is a topic on social justice and Tikkun Olam that is to be acted upon in depth by NFTYites.
NFTY Calendar
November 2002


8-10 MV Western Fall Conclave
8-10 NE Fall Conclavettes
8-10   NO Fall Conclave
15-17   CW FallInter Conclave
15-17   LI Fall Conclave
15-17   MAR Fall Kallah
15-17   MI Fall Kallah
15-17   MV SLIID Fall Conclave
15-17   NYC Fall Conclave
15-17   OV East 85 Sub-regionals
15-17   WF Fall Conclave
22-24   NEL Fall Kallah
30 GER Homecoming
30-Dec 7 Chanukah

The UAHC Kutz Camp - NFTY National Leadership Center offers high school student leaders a wide range of programs through song, dance, drama, study, Hebrew language, and the visual arts. Participants learn song leading, assistant teaching, Israeli dance teaching, and leadership skills that benefit member congregations. Be sure to visit www.kutzcamp.org for more information about Summer 2003!

Let's increase our membership!
Our tradition places emphasis of the mitzvah of Hachnasat Orchim, which literally means the “bringing in of guests” and has also been translated to mean “welcoming the stranger”.  This mitzvah exemplifies the saying “Kol Yisrael arevim zeh l’zeh – all of Israel is responsible for one another” (Shevuot 39a).

In the Membership & Communications section of the NFTY Resource center, you will find:
The Three Steps of Membership
How to Make Great Fliers for Your TYG
Phone Calls Do's and Don'ts
Mixers and Icebreakers
New Member Program Ideas
November's Leadership Program for your TYG Board


Sarah Dotson '02-'03 NFTY-NW Programming VP

Monica Weinstein Former NFTY-NE Regional Advisor

The NFTY President remembers
Sarah Dotson


For more than 50 years NFTY and the UAHC have offered outstanding summer experiences for Reform Jewish Youth from every corner of North America. Every NFTY summer adventure is a carefully and thoughtfully designed experience providing exciting and challenging Jewish identity building, friendship and fun. Visit www.nfty.org/travel for more information!
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Chad Rochkind, NFTY President
Will Dempster, NFTY Programming Vice-President
Matt Berns, NFTY Social Action Vice-President
David Ladon, NFTY Religious & Cultural Vice-President
Debra Eichenbaum, NFTY Membership & Communications Vice-President

Photos courtesy of
Joel Hoffman and Scott Goldman