Welcome to the NFTY Shuk at NFTY Convention 2007 Preview Website!

We're excited to let you preview many of the items for sale! This will help you to decide what you would like to purchase and determine how much money you will need to bring with you to Philadelphia.

Please note: This is NOT an e-commerce site. You cannot purchase any of these items online.
Please do not call the NFTY office with questions about the NFTY Shuk.

You may e-mail your inquiries to nfty@urj.org.

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Netzer ChalutzotNFTY Charm
Non-Clickable Items: Netzer Olami Chalutzot, NFTY Charm. 
Also Available But Not Shown: NFTY Teddy Bear, NFTY-Netzer Hoodie.

Tzedakah Item:  Another item available at this year's NFTY Shuk will be a Darfur t-shirt designed to benefit the Chier Foundation (www.chierfoundation.org).  One hundred percent of the profit from the Darfur t-shirts sold at the Shuk will go directly to the organization, which helps provide funding and guidance toward higher education for Sudanese refugees.   To preview the shirt, please click here.





Long-Sleeve T-Shirts


Non-Clickable Items: Beanie Pillows (Purple & Green, NFTY-NAR) and Knit iPod Cover (NFTY-NAR)